In line with the strategic direction of Anau Limited


Our Resolute policy

In line with the strategic direction of Anau Limited, Our Resolute policy is to consciously determine the stated and implied needs and expectations of interested parties – Customers, legal & regulatory entities, government, shareholders, employees, suppliers and community – relevant to our business of developing manufacturing and delivering hygiene products, home cleaning and personal care products and ensure that their requirements are met.
We shall focus on continual improvementt of our quality performance and quality management system performance by taking applicable action to effectively address any indentified shortfall while encouraging next practice innovations and ideas in all our dealings


Anau Limited is a company committed to ensuring that all of the processes we follow are designed to deliver a high quality outcome for our customers and the industry in general.
We are committed to professional practices of producing these cleaning products that delivers on what it says it can.
That is why we operate the way we do. Every activity is focused on the delivery of a quality outcome. Our processes are well in line with recommendations and specifications of NAFDAC with a focus on excellence as the heart of it.